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Water for live


If we did not have water the world will end. We will not live without water. So many other things, like  ducks, also need water.

Just think, just you could not have honey on toast because the plants need water to grow and the bee’s need flowers to make honey. Every day we need to drink 4 cups. We can wash cars with water.

Water is used to transport people and food on big shipping boats. Water is good for plants. You can swim in water. Water can have fish and other water animals.

Water can help buy many ways like making pools.  
You can boil water to make it hot for your coffee. It can make a water slide. Water is even in cars to cool the engine down.

We need to look after our water. If we don't look after our water we will not have fish and chips, because we get fish from the sea. If we do not look after are water we can no go jetboating because the water will be gone.