Thursday, April 4, 2019

Camp Recount

Camp Recount

5th of March we went to camp. It was a very cool and long day but let's get in to it. So we got off the bus and the people greeted us and then we walked down the road, we all got to choose an animal that started with our first letter of our name but I asked if I can make my animal start with H. So I could name mine headless chicken. After that we went to the beach to play go home, stay home. After that we played farmer, farmer.

We walked down the beach a bit and at the same time, we looked at little penguin footprints, while we picked up rubbish. Then we went to go and build a little fire and then after a little bit we put out the fire. Then the other kids made dampers.

Next we got to go swimming! We got to play fun games in the water. At first the water was a little bit cold, the more we ran the hotter it got. while we were there i noticed the tide going out. The FUNNEST part of swimming was the game of tug of WAR!

After swimming we went to build a hut on the beach. We got put into teams and our team decided to build our hut ½               underground. We gathered driftwood and flax. My team found a big spider.

We went to the campsite next, when we got there the people that work there were setting up the tents, then we cooked our tea on a little gas cooker. After tea we had some free time to chat to our mates. After that amazing free time we went to a night line activity, it was so freaky!


That morning it was a very sunny day, we woke up, had breakfast to prepare ourselves for some challenges that was ahead. Our class was put into groups, we were racing other groups to complete each challenge.
The funnest challenge for me was flipping the mat over and the whole group had to stay on the mat the whole time!

We then packed up our campsite and walked through the bush to catch the bus back to school!
The end!

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Saturday, August 25, 2018

This is my Pepeha

Friday, June 22, 2018

Enviro news

Did you know, what I am trying to do is to convince all of the people in the world!
So that will be hard so I need your help so spread the word and save the world so the
people in the future! imagine if you were in the future and all what you saw is rubbish.
  All we need to do is burn rubbish no more but if we break the rubbish we need more
trees so the trees can suck up the bad and turn it into good air. If anyone makes plastic,
they should go to jail. If there is no plastic that means no computers, no cars, no
headphones or phones! That would be hard because there is more rubbish then people!
That is a lot.. So what we need to do is reuse rubbish and recycle it.

By Seth

Friday, May 18, 2018

The thing i like about multiverse is that there is heaps of levels and it is the best game in mathletics

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

The Pool The fieled

The Pool

During the summer, the kids are usually swimming, but the pool is still freezing.
The kids get trained in the pool to icy cold pool to swim. .
Some kids think that the water is warm.
Some kids need to get used to the cold water.
When you look under the water, it is foggy and it is hard to look at the pictures on the ground.
When you hop in or out, the concrete is wet all around the pool even where the kids sit on the
 It is even wet in the changing room. In the pool it is so noisy that it is hard to hear other people.